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HPA-LH-RF stainless steel hand operated pump


Double acting hand pump system
If a double acting hand pump/cylinder system is required a NRV 4/3 directional valve can be connected to the HPA-D-LH hand pump with the additional port on the reservoir.

Together with the hand operated NRV 4/3 directional valve you optain a complete system.

You can with advantage use the SSH S4DN4 hydraulic hose including pressed stainless fittings for the system.
Dobbeltvirkende system med håndpumpe
Ønsker man dobbeltvirkende funktion på et håndpumpe/cylinder system kan en NRV 4/3 retningsventil tilsluttes HPA-D-LH håndpumpen, som har ekstra tank-tilslutning.

Sammen med den håndbetjente NRV 4/3 retnings ventil har man et komplet system.

Til systemet kan man med fordel anvende
SSH S4DN4 hydraulikslangen med rustfri koblinger.




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